Cloud banking
and PSD2

leveris case study - applifting

The Dublin-based, international banking technology company provides a cloud-native solution for digital banking. It needed an experienced partner for rapid implementation of the European PSD2 directive. We helped LEVERIS with analysis, implementation and testing. As a result, its core banking system now complies with current EU legislation and its internal team can provide maintenance.

Skills deployed

Architecture and analysis

Back-end development


e2e testing

Mission: Legislative requirements

In order to provide its full range of services,

LEVERIS needed to meet the requirements of the PSD2 Directive. It was seeking a partner to assist with technical compliance and implementation. We devised a solution which could be integrated into their existing infrastructure.

leveris case study - applifting

Challenge: Rapid implementation

The implementation of a solution

...in the context of the existing Microservice infrastructure was very demanding. The company made a decision to outsource the work, which required rapid deployment. Therefore, it was necessary not only to quickly deliver the solution but get up to speed with advanced LEVERIS development practices fast.

leveris case study - applifting

Solution: Technology and know-how

We helped to choose third-party technical and business solution providers

We provided experts who were able to work with the existing infrastructure

We passed on knowledge and documentation so that LEVERIS could continue the work without vendor lock-in

leveris case study - applifting

Applifters were extremely proactive and communicative throughout the process and I cannot imagine how they could have done anything better.

petr klimes leveris
LEVERIS IT Project Manager